Cost of Living Comparison Calculators Question:

How much does a loaf of bread cost? Answer: Depends on if you’re in the Hy Vee in Ames, Iowa or the Gristedes on Central Park West. If you’re moving to a new city you’ll want to do some research into the cost of living. Below are several cost of living comparison calculators that will aid your research when considering a move to a new city. Remember that what you’re paying for as a cost of living are several factors that all affect your quality of living: quality and location of schools, a clean and easy to access downtown, entertainment, nightlife, shopping, sports and other amenities should all be considered. What do they say? You get what you pay for! Here are some sites to help you compare costs:

Sperling’s Best Places
CNN Money

Other Helpful Hints: Make sure you visit the Chambers of Commerce for every city you’re comparing. Google Maps street views can show you a lot about an area too! Visit prospective cities as frequently as possible before deciding where to live. There are other Cost of Living Comparison Calculators; use the one that you like the best but be sure to consult more than one to verify the information.